4K Ultra HD

Moving Live Events into 4K

Moving Live Events into 4K

It’s here… 4K video production and resolution takes your content and your event to a new level.

In the live events industry, we continuously look for the hottest new trends and technology to incorporate into our next event. Audience expectations increase and it’s our job to impress. 4K is one of the emerging trends in 2014 and with good reason.

The 4K Difference
The technology to produce and project 4K resolution, also known as ultra high-definition (UHD), is ready and available. Unmatched in resolution quality, 4K video changes how your audience takes in your content. The visual output delivers an immersive audience experience, creating an environment they feel a part of – not just simply viewing it.

For those of you who are not familiar with 4K resolution, here is a quick and easy comparison. The resolution quality of 4K quadruples your HD 1080p at 48 frames per second to a 70×30 – that translates to 55,000 ANSI lumens. Why is this important to you and your audience? Well, remember your first experience with HD imagery, whether on a set or at a home, and then tried to watch SD resolution? Many of us couldn’t do it. Even comparing 720p to 1080p was a big jump with no returning and that jump just got a lot bigger with 4K. Many of us have experienced 4K, or advanced retina display, on some smartphones, tablets, iPads, but once it hits the industry in large format displays – will any of us be able to go back?

Bringing Content to the Next Level
While the quality of the resolution is the backbone of the technology, it’s about creating a new audience experience to keep up with our culture. The mobile and social crowds have higher expectations and the need to feel engaged and entertained.

Being in the live events industry, we’ve seen content make leaps and bounds in creating dynamic sets and environments. We’ve seen 3D video (the hottest new technology at CES just two years ago) and projection mapping reach new levels in entertainment and creating buzz within the industry. When new technology becomes available, producers and event planners are able to take their imagination even further and add detail the audience can truly appreciate.

Now, visualize taking our established projection mapping technology (just one example) and using 4K video production and displays for your content. The clarity and details immerse your audience deeper into your experience and give them something to talk about long after the event.

There is also more versatility when using 4K video production technology, especially for content with significant detail. It’s easier to manipulate your content in post-production with the additional pixels and ability to scale down and maintain the desired resolution to ensure your vision is executed with precision. It is also considered future-proofing your content as standards begin changing.

Choosing the Right Partner

It’s not a matter of if you’ll use 4K technology, but a matter of when. And, now that it’s here and ready for the live event scene, it doesn’t mean every vendor knows how to operate the technology. There is a learning curve that needs to be mastered before taking it live. As you conduct your research, you’ll find there are a handful of video companies who are early adopters and proactively stay informed of what’s coming. These are the companies who will have the knowledge about the technology in order to guide their clients through the process, and they will have the talent and expertise on their team before they are asked by a client to execute… and they will be asked.

A Partner You Can Trust

In order to take your vision to reality, it is important to collaborate with a partner who can help you understand the technology available to you and how it can be incorporated to effectively accomplish the goal of your event. Media Solutions, powered by OSA International, Inc., has been instrumental in the digital transformation of events, and is one of video display companies ready to offer its clients 4K video resolution solutions. Media Solutions foresees 4K resolution imagery making a significant leap into set designs for corporate events, product launches, sporting events, theatre and more. The Media Solutions team is recognized in the event and entertainment industry for their expertise and flawless execution of custom video and multimedia displays, making the team a partner you can trust.

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