Using Video Technology in the Digital Age

Using Video Technology in the Digital Age

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Event planners and producers alike are continuously looking to the latest trends hoping to create engaging events that capture an audience from beginning to end. Combining the right content with the right technology can transform your corporate event from a simple meeting into a dynamic experience. The power and ease of use of programs such as PowerPoint and Keynote have changed the way graphical information can be presented by moving presentations from a linear form into today’s cut and paste lifestyle.

Digital Display for Today
Now with new presentation technologies combined with better projection/image technologies make it possible to replace the expensive stationary scenic elements with simple projection screens and surfaces. These technologies also make it possible to use an entire room to deliver the content.

Using projection technology, LED displays, and/or LCD video walls, presentations have moved past the two-dimensional projection paradigm and moved into the three-dimensional realm. This three-dimensional projection space gives visual designers the freedom to easily transition between elements and space, the flexibility to display different content in multiple locations simultaneously, and the ability to provide interactive elements throughout the event, all while maintaining the theme and message. Now images and messaging can be differentiated through space rather than just taking up space, maintaining the impact the visuals need while eliminating the overwhelming huge white screen

The ability to create environments using projection mapping is impressive. With the right equipment and knowhow, a ballroom can become a roman coliseum, an aquarium, or any other environment imaginable. You can even allow for changes in geometry throughout the room and/or the set making for a completely seamless image regardless of stairways, ramps and other strange angles within the event venue turning your venue into a surface with which to deliver your message.

There are limitations to this technology, however. Projection requires lower ambient lighting levels than other types of displays, and calculations must be precise for the creation of seamless images.

LED Displays

LED displays are constructed of multiple tiles put together to create a video wall across a presentation area. Flexible LED tiles have come a long way in recent years and can be used to create columns, cubes, and other three-dimensional configurations. High resolution tiles can be combined with low resolution tiles in the same wall while allowing for the same image to be seamlessly presented. LED displays are effective indoors and outdoors regardless of the ambient lighting levels.

Pixel mapping for LED displays must be exact, especially when using a combination of high resolution and low resolution tiles. The size of the space as well as audio and lighting elements and their locations need to be considered when designing an LED display.

LCD Video Walls

Flat-panel LCD screens are used to create multi-celled video walls in a variety of sizes and can be configured to run single images and messaging or staggered. These screens can also be used to create interactive touch screen stations to create an interactive audience experience or for the presenter to engage with the messaging.

Like LED displays, ambient lighting doesn’t compromise the content shown. Unlike LED displays, pixel mapping is not an issue with this type of display.

A Partner You Can Trust

In order to create an exceptional digital presentation, it is important to collaborate with a partner who can help you understand the technology available to you and how it can be incorporated to effectively accomplish the goal of your event. Media Solutions, powered by OSA International, Inc., has been instrumental in the digital transformation of events. The Media Solutions team is recognized in the event and entertainment industry for their expertise and flawless execution of custom video and multimedia displays making the Media Solutions team a partner you can trust.

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